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Making the Wild West Look Good


Offer Our Custom Metal Cuts

Refer your customers to us and receive a 10% commission for your business. This business opportunity is great for:

Feed and Supply Stores
Hardware Stores
Ranch or Farm Suppliers
Other Companies That Service or Supply Ranches, Farms, Businesses, and Households.

Let us Create Custom Merchandise for You

Do you run a company, inn, guest ranch, shop, or something else that is looking for custom merchandise? We offer wholesale pricing on all of our services. We’ll even design custom cuts and engraves for you based on your needs, with company names, brands, logos, quotes, and so on. Contact us for a quote based on your needs.

Good for every type of business that sees traffic.

Offer Custom Engraving Through Us

For businesses primarily in Douglas and Willcox, AZ. Offer engraving on your products at our prices and earn a 10% commission. If you are outside of Douglas or Willcox, inquire to see if we can serve you so you can offer to engrave.

Gun shops
Gift stores
Flower shops
Guest ranches/bed and breakfasts
Air B&Bs

Live Engraving for Events

From wine tastings to weddings to gun shows, we will come to your event engrave on-site (starting at $300). We price by the number of guests you expect and the product being engraved. We prepare the work beforehand, engraving the unique design for your event, then add personalization on sight at the requests of your guests.

You pay for live engraving prior to your event and can pass the cost on to your attendees or clients. At least 1 month’s notice is required for live engraving.


20% off your first custom cut order

When you order a custom cut or engraved sign, receive 20% off your first custom order.

Customer Rewards

After every 10th order, receive a free piece worth the mean price of those 10 orders before any discounts were applied. Plus, subscribe and receive news about new cuts, engravings, and sales.

Service Appreciation

Active duty military, veterans, police, border patrol, reserves, medical, EMT, fire, and pastors receive an extra 10% off every custom order. Simply present your DOD or medical badge or show proof of your position, and you will be listed as receiving a lifetime 10% discount on custom orders.

*discounts do not apply on items purchased from the shop, only custom orders.

10-20% off for every order when you partner with our ministry

Check out our ministry at and You can partner with our ministry by accepting donations on our behalf at your storefront, front desk, and/or website. The funds that are donated to us through you help provide scholarships and grants to college students and small business startups based on their vision for sustainability through their work on this earth.

Special bulk order pricing

Bulk prices are based on volume and products. Please contact us for quotes on bulk orders.

Payment Plans

If you cant pay for a custom product or service up front, please ask about the payment plans we have available for trusted clients.

It’s a steel.

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