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Maintenance is part of life with property. We offer to schedule regular inspections and to maintain your wood and metal surfaces along with minor renovations.

If you notice wood floors beginning to crack, have unearthed wood floors by taking up the carpet and want them renewed, want to beautify your countertops or cabinets, contact us If you want us to schedule regular maintenance for your surfaces, contact us.

What we will do:

  • Replace or renew countertops and floors.
  • Renew siding.
  • Replace or renew wall panels.
  • Renew fireplaces and mantles.
  • Install new mantles.
  • Replace or renew doors.
  • Replace or renew tables and chairs.
  • Replace or renew cabinets.
  • Clean brick, stone, ceramic, and concrete surfaces.
  • Add artistic engraving accents to your home.
  • Provide signage for your property.
  • Replace or renew bathtubs and vanities.
  • Install continuous floors and countertops.
  • Epoxy-coat your garage or workshop floor.
  • Artify your countertops and floors (even make them look like a beach if you want).
  • Replace laminate countertops without breaking the bank or ruining your cabinets.
  • Decorate the interior of your home.
  • Paint.
  • Remove trash and debris.
  • Demo and remove large objects from your property.
  • Shop for and build new furniture matching your decorum.
  • Engrave and refinish your current furniture, floor, countertops, or other surfaces.
  • Provide a clear, protective epoxy coat over current home surfaces.
  • Fill cracks and craters in current countertops.

When it comes to home surfaces, the possibilities are endless. My degree in graphic design, experience as an artist, and childhood with a father who owned his own construction company come together so we can offer one-of-a-kind finishes within your budget.


What we will not do:

  • Add a room.
  • Install carpet, and, seriously, who wants carpet anyway?
  • Drawers.
  • Install laminate countertops, which are low quality and don’t last very long before beginning to show signs of wear.
  • Remove walls or load-bearing beams.
  • Much plumbing or electrical (you need to call a licensed plumber or electrician).

Request your estimate by emailing us. Include pictures and square footage of each area to be renovated or call us to come out and look at the work you want done. Please include the square footage of countertops, floors, cabinets, and any other surfaces. Please include any other services you would like to take advantage of (e.g. interior decorating, furniture replacement, and so on. Please be sure pictures are as clear as possible and indicate whether we will have to move heavy furniture to get the job done. You should receive an estimate within 24 hours. Be sure to include your phone number so we can both email and text you your estimate.

*If actual square footage and services differ from the information you provide, your estimate will be inaccurate.

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