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Steel the World

In Genesis 1, God created the world. Humankind is the crown of His creation, His own image placed within His material universe for the purpose of His glory. In Genesis 3, the unrighteousness of humankind is revealed. The world, under the representative rule of humankind (Adam, specifically), became degenerate. It was foretold in the Law (Torah) and Prophets that God, Himself, would restore His creation. A baby would be born who is called Eternal Father and Prince of Peace (Isaiah 9). God would assume human flesh and become the righteous federal head of creation that Adam could not be. There will be no end to His peace or the increase of His government (also Isaiah 9).

In the Gospels, we read about such an incarnation and the beginning of God’s federal rule and restoration of the earth. Christ claimed not to have come to condemn the world but save and restore it (John 3). All those who believe in Jesus will be saved and restored. Once when Jesus was attending synagogue, He asked a rhetorical question about a thief breaking into a strong man’s house, binding the strong man, and stealing all of the strong man’s possessions (Matthew 12:29). Jesus was comparing Himself to the thief and Satan to the strong man. Jesus, when He cast out demons, was binding the strong man in order to steal the strong man’s possessions. Later, in Matthew 28, Jesus claimed to have assumed all authority in Heaven and on Earth–which means that He is stealing and renewing the world.

Everything we do in all of life in this age serves to see the world renewed. All of our passions, interests, and labors. We are not only seeing the nations come under the headship of Christ and people being given eternal life as a gift but, also, the world becoming a more beautiful place. We have a part in that.

This is why we are passionate about providing quality products and services that serve to beautify and bring life to the world we are inheriting with Christ. We pray you will partner with us to bring that beauty to Houston County and beyond.

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