Join the 3C Club

A Club that Steel Pays

Join the club and get paid when we get business.

After you have been part of the 3C club for 1 year, you will receive one of our 3C club cork snapbacks as a thank-you for participating in our profit share program. This profit share program is in addition to our referral program, which pays you (either in payment or engraving credit) per referral. Our profit share plan is outlined below.

It’s not a gamble because you can’t lose on your investment.

  1. Purchasing profit shares do not provide you with stock in 3C, so if the company loses value, you do not lose equity.
  2. At least once-a-year, you will be sent a gift based on the amount of your annual investment. That gift will either meet or exceed your investment value, so you always get your money’s worth–even if your payout is less than your investment.
  3. 10% of 3Cs profit each month will be divided among profit shareholders according to the number of profit shares you hold for that year. Shares are renewed each month, but if you are subscribed, your shares renew at the same price whether or not share prices increase.
  4. You will receive your “dividends” to your Paypal or Venmo account each month you are a club member.
  5. You will receive exclusive invitations to 3C events, parties, and members-only sales when we have them.

How to Increase Your Payout

  1. Share news, services, and products from 3C. Remember, your payout depends on our business’s success. The more we sell, the more you make as a club member.
  2. When your circle is looking for something custom, recommend 3C for custom anything–even talk with us on their behalf. Not only will you receive the referral perks but also increase the amount of your dividend.
  3. Provide ideas for new products. If you know of something people are looking for, let us know. The more we sell, the higher your payout each month.
  4. Take advantage of your members-only pricing (always 10% off, cannot combine with other discounts). You also get to share in our profits from your own purchases!
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