Firearms Shipping

Steel the Distance

Want a tattoo for your firearm and our artistic touch but don’t know how to get it to us? As a general rule, it is illegal to ship a concealable firearm without the proper permits or a licensed FFL.

ATF rules are simple and can be found here.

If shipping to us:

  1. Do not ship handguns
    • Parts can be shipped so long as they are incapable of loading a round and/or firing.
    • Do not send handgun frames.
    • Slides, barrels, and magazines can be shipped in an unmarked box like any other item.
  2. Long guns can be shipped from within the state of Georgia without an FFL.
  3. We recommend you ship using registered mail so that delivery requires a signature and you receive confirmation of proper delivery and reception.
  4. Always use an unmarked box.
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