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Steel Longevity

You’ve installed wood floors, metal railing, laid your own concrete countertops, put up siding, cabinets, deck, or fence; or you’ve hired a general contractor to improve your home or business. Wood can splinter, crack, warp, and start shedding fibers as the temperature and humidity change. Metal rusts. Concrete cracks and chips. Everything discolors and can lead to more problems, like termite infestation, water damage, and the destruction of your home or place of business.

We recommend having an annual inspection, free to our clients who have us do the finishing work on their surfaces in Cochise County. We also recommend having wood surfaces retreated and resealed at least every two years.

If you are buying a property in Cochise County (inquire if you are outside Cochise County), talk to your realtor about having us come to inspect the property for potential risks (property damage and injury) caused by untreated and unprotected surfaces, including the roof, siding, and floors.

Basic Pricing and Description:

Consultation: Free
If you have specific questions or want our advice about a specific surface that looks damaged or weathered, we will be glad to advise you.

Inspection: $100
We will come to inspect your property for potential risks and include how you can preserve your property, safety, and the beauty of your surfaces in our report. The price of the inspection will be deducted from your bill if you hire us to do the finishing work on the property we inspect.

Wood Surface Treatment: $1/ square foot
Treating wood surfaces consists of filling the pores in the wood so the wood resists expanding and contracting with changing temperatures, keeps it from absorbing moisture from the air, and helps prevent cracking from within. Treating wood also helps beautify it by bringing out its natural grain and natural shine. You apply oil to your wood cutting boards and cast iron skillets after washing for the same purpose. Even if you purchase pretreated wood, treatment is temporary. An inspection is recommended annually and retreatment is recommended at least every two years.

Wood Surface Sealing: $0.50/square foot (20% discount if paired with wood treatment)
While treating helps prevent damage from within, sealing helps prevent damage from without. It also helps to beautify the wood.



Power Washing: $0.20/square foot
Washing may be required prior to other services. Surfaces need to be clean and clear of debris before they are treated and protected.

Rust Removal: $1/square foot
We will remove rust and apply a protective enamel finish to your metal surfaces to keep them from rusting again.

Enamel Coating: $.040/square foot
Enamel coating protects metal and can be clear or any other color. Enamel coating is subject to scratching and is not the best coating, but it is an option.

Acrylic or Powder Coating: $1/square foot
Acrylic is more durable than enamel, and powder coating is the most durable coating you can get. Nither of these finish clear, and powder coating requires a fixed $80 fee in Cochise County (inquire if outside Cochise County) for transportation of the required tools.

Wood Surface Staining: $1/square foot
Staining provides natural-looking color for your wood surfaces. With the proper technique, you won’t have any blotches of stain around the edges or in the corners of your surfaces.

Clear, Protective Epoxy Coat: $0.06/square inch
Epoxy is heat and scratch-resistant. It naturally comes out glossy when applied to any surface. We can fill pits in your stone countertops, provide a protective layer to your concrete countertops or floors, and protect any surface. Add a design layer to make your sinks look like stone (any color options are available). Ad UV protection to guard your epoxy coat from the sun.

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