Steel Generosity

Support our sustainability initiative in Cochise County and gospel resources around the world by donating to Cannon Craft Cuts.

The Boneyard Gallery

The boneyard is where we keep materials that have been donated to help us raise money to support our non-profit initiatives. The boneyard gallery is the gallery of our products initially made from the boneyard, items we sell at markets in Cochise County and beyond. Of course, you can always donate funds online to help with our sustainability initiative in Cochise County.


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When you donate, here, you will receive a free gift made from the boneyard.

Your contribution is appreciated.

Your contribution is appreciated.

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You can also donate the following materials:

  • New or used lumber.
  • Plywood, country planks.
  • Old saw blades.
  • Beer, wine, soda bottles.
  • Old, broken glassware.
  • Pebbles, rocks, or stones that look nice.
  • Driftwood, tree trunks.
  • Sheet metal.
  • Old tables or desks.
  • Old mirrors.
  • Wood wire spools.
  • Amazon/Hobby Lobby gift cards.
  • Texture ingredients like metal shavings, sawdust, or crushed stone.
  • Other materials that may be usable for our products and services.
  • Purchase credit to help provide a countertop and kitchen accessories to someone who cannot afford it.

Call or message us today to schedule a pickup.

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