New Product/Service-Countertops and More (Promotional Price Ends February 28, 2022)

Hey Cochise County and near areas.

I am rolling out a new service/product, and am looking for a few people who would like to be the first to take advantage of this new service in Cochise County. Anyone who purchases this service by the end of this month (February 28, 2022) will receive 30% off this new service (cannot be used with other coupons).

You know about our custom cut and engraving services and products. Providing these services along with my background in construction has prepared us to step into creating your custom home, business, or church. Yes, the profits still go to support youth and families local to Cochise County, AZ.

Our new services include the removal of old countertops, cabinets, shelving, and so on. We build custom wood cabinets, shelving, islands, and bars, and have our own technique for finishing/refinishing countertops. We may even be able to repair damaged countertops depending on the material. Add this service to our custom metal signs and decor and mobile engraving services, and you can have a fully custom, steel the west kind of home, business, or church. Yes, we are available as subcontractors.

Here are the first countertop samples I have made. Stay tuned or return to this post for more samples. We can mimic any pattern from quartz to marble to natural wood and engrave any imagery and text on it.

If you’ve been thinking about refinishing your countertops or getting a custom-built island or bar, contact us today–take 30% off by scheduling us before the end of the day on February 28, 2022.

We want to present you with quality, artistic work in a timely manner.

Andrew- 520-253-1021

Project Highlight: The Wikked 1911

This week, I got to engrave a Rock Island Armory 1911 for a friend in Willcox, AZ. His last name is Wikked, so I called the project the Wikked 1911.

I engraved 3 sides of the slide, sights, slide stop, and safety. Here are the project highlights.

After my client approved the design, I set the RIA 1911 on my workbench. The two most difficult things about engraving complex designs are (1) designing to specification so everything will be engraved in the proper place by the CNC router and (2) squaring the object to be engraved so that the design is cut in the object straight. It’s both an art and a science. It’s meticulous checking and rechecking before hitting that green button because, once an object is cut into, there is no taking it back.

The first side came out perfect. After two more sides, and some add-ons, this order would be complete.

I used masking tape to block the surfaces I did not want to be engraved and to prevent bleeding from the laser down the right and left sides of the slide. Made sure the slide was square. Made sure again, and then hit the green button.

Everything was going great until about halfway down the top of the slide. Come to find out, there was an issue with the coating on some RIA 1911 models, including the one I was working on. The laser released some built-up cosmoline (I think) in the factory coating and ruined the engraving by blurring it. No new cut can undo what happened. One advantage of light engraving is the opportunity to recoat, if you know-how, and recut the design. I was able to match the color, recoat, and complete the engraving on the top of the slide.

I prepped and engraved the slide-stop and safety with a pattern that matched the slide.

When my client saw his firearm, he decided he liked my coating better than the factory coating and asked for it all the way around. No problem. I recoated and reapplied the engravings. The overall project was a success. Be sure to ask me about custom, artistic engraving for your stuff–or just plain text if that’s what you want. Here are some things we can provide related to this project:

  • Artistic engraving designs for handguns and rifles
  • Firearm cleaning
  • Some refinishing work
  • Acrylic Enamel or Duracoat Coating
  • Mobile light engraving (for those who don’t want their firearms to leave the house)
  • Any-angle engraving to cut any side of your firearm
  • Custom design work for both those who want patterns I already have available and those who want to go extra with a one-of-a-kind scroll.
  • Deep engraved C/O numbers, initials, emblems, or even crypto wallet keys.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Here are some pictures of the finished product.

Or call/text Andrew: 520-253-1021

Merry Christmas all of my clients (gift enclosed)

2021 has been a tough year…

and in the midst of higher regulation, distribution holdups, higher prices on material, and a continuing “pandemic,” I started a small business right in the heart of Cochise County, AZ. I have a vision to steel the west, providing custom metal cuts and custom engraving on all types of material to the whole county.

From my first custom metal cut, made for my Aunt Amy, to my first sign hanging and big entry-way sign made for DreamCatcher Inn at Chiricauhua. My clients have made the difference for this business.

I wasn’t going to start a business. I started offering to make custom metal signs because I needed to support the ministry my team does in Willcox. As a result, all the profits from CCC go to support youth and families in need and providing a safe space for youth during the week. I have invested and built very quickly, going from only offering custom metal signs and decor to now also offering custom engraving on almost anything, including firearms. I even created my first hybrid sign, made using both cutting and engraving techniques.

I have expanded my clientele from Willcox to Tucson, Sierra Vista, Douglas, and AP.

In 2022, I’m hoping to begin servicing the ranches, farms, and vineyards in the area–offering not only cut products but services like live engraving, sign maintenance, and installation.

My commitment to my clients is quality service at a fair price.

Not only that, I want you to have the custom cut signs, decor, and more you love–one of a kind pieces you are proud to display and say, “I have a Cannon Cut.”

With your help, we can steel the west. Here’s what I mean. My philosophy of business is rooted in Scripture, particularly the messianic vision of the Prophets and their fulfillment in Christ. In Matthew’s Gospel, Christ taught that the kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed that will overtake the world. In Revelation 21, He taught that the glory of the world would be brought into the kingdom of heaven. In essence, the earth we cultivate now will be the inheritance of kingdom people forever. I don’t believe God is destroying the earth. Instead, I believe He promised not to (cf. Genesis 8:21-22). I believe our labors on this earth are God’s renewing hands through which He is creating a forever inheritance for Christ and those who are in Christ. When I craft, and when we all cultivate the earth by whatever it is we do, we are cultivating the earth that the saints will live on forever with Christ, a vision that I even recently engraved on my own tactical rifle–a tool to be used for cultivation, not primarily a weapon used for destruction.

I pray all of my clients to receive work that glorifies God and edifies humanity, which is being redeemed through the blood of the Christ. I want to serve you well and fairly.

Because I want to continue to serve you, I want to offer all of our clients (those who have placed an order by the end of 2021) a $10 engraving credit and a 10% off coupon to be used on one product. You don’t have to do anything. Just let me know you want to use your credit or coupon when you make your next order. Thank you for making CCC a success.

Since I have received most of my business by word of mouth referrals, I simply ask you to share this story, share pictures of our products, tell others about our products and services, and please leave a review on my new Etsy shop:

Thank you for inviting me to be a part of the Wild West Fest next year. I’ll see you there.

Merry Christmas. May Christ who condescended to imperfect humanity bless you in every way. May His kingdom come and will be done on this earth as it is in Heaven. Amen.

Use the contact form below to make your order, order gift cards, or ask about any of my services (including custom engraving on almost anything).

Steels This Christmas; Including Firearm Engraving

Christmas is 9 days away. This Christmas, we are doing three things. First, we are giving a $10 engraving credit to all of our clients. Second, we are offering gift cards at 10% discount for you to purchase for family and friends (that’s free money) before December 25. These gift cards can be used for:

  • Custom metal cuts
  • Custom engraved wood signs
  • Custom engraved firearms and knives
  • Purchasing our priducts
  • Using our services, including sign installation and maintenance.

Third, we are lowering the price of our KnifeLife 2021 model to $70. We hope to hear from you soon.

If you would like to order a gift card or have any questions about our products and services, please contact us:

Announcing Our New, Sharp Gifts

I want to take a moment and thank you for making Cannon Craft Cuts a success from the start. I am happy to announce our first Cannon Craft Cuts product: The KnifeLife 2021-Fixed.

We cut the blade from 11 gauge steel. We cut the hilt from basswood and black walnut. We custom engrave a one-of-a-kind design for each custom order. Better yet, we are dulling the price on all orders through Cyber-Monday 2021 and have partnered with Lazy-S-U Leatherworks to make open-faced leather sheaths available for each custom blade.

As always, our profits help support non-profit ministry through The Spring in Willcox and Christoa Ministries.

Click here to order one for yourself or as a gift for someone else today.