Protecting Your Wood Fences

Whether or not your wood fence is new, it needs to be treated and sealed every two years. Wood fences that are not properly maintained will grey, warp, splinter, crack, lose their integrity, absorb moisture, and ultimately cost you $17 per linear foot to replace it on average–that’s $3,400 for a 6′ tall, 200′ fence, plus the cost of removal (probably around $700). There may be other cost factors, including cement, grading needs, cost of permits for the contractor, special fence styles or post-caps, the addition of gates, treatment, stain, finish, sealing, and underground considerations. Replacement could cost you more than $4,100–and you would still need to treat and protect your fence.

Why wait until your fence needs to be replaced when we can treat and seal the same 200′ fence for $1,600? Treatment keeps your wood from absorbing and retaining moisture. Sealing keeps it safe from the external elements, including outside moisture, ultra violet rays, heat, and so on. Treating preserves the rich color and brings out the natural grains. Sealing protects your fence from greying or discoloring. If you want external protection without treatment, we can come as low as $800 depending on the type of sealer–materials and labor included.

If you would like to learn how to maintain your own fence in the future, we will show you what we do at no additional charge. Don’t just spray on Thompson’s and think your wood surfaces are going to have all the protection they need to stay healthy and beautiful.

Our treatment not only helps keep moisture out of the wood, it brings out the grains, helps to protect it from termites, slows decomposition, enlivens dead and dry wood, slows greying, prevents discoloration, reduces warping and cracking, and makes wood surfaces easier to clean. We can make your wood smooth, remove grease or dirt stains, and restore natural color or stain.

If you receive a quote from another finisher, we will see if we can beat their price. We offer other services, like staining, grey-removal, sanding, stain-removal, and more. Click here to see our finishing services. We offer some renovation services, like board replacements if boards need to be replaced.

If you are not sure about whether or not your wood surfaces need to be treated and sealed at the moment, please schedule an inspection ($100, applied to your finishing project). When you choose us to regularly maintain your wood surfaces, we will schedule a free annual inspection to be sure your wood stays as healthy as possible.

We are available for subcontracting.

If you want a more beautiful and personalized home or business, we offer engraving (yes, even engraved monograms on gates), powder coating, countertops, and more.

*Always an extra 10% off for military, border, pastors, churches, EMS, fire, medical, police, and other public servants.

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