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Property Maintenance

Epoxy Countertops, Floors, Protective Coating
Wood Conditioning and Treatment
Powder Coating
Home Engravings

Custom Signs and Decor

Signs and Decor
Gardens, Entryways, Gates
Farms, Ranches, Vineyards
Installation, Maintenance, Finishing, Refinishing Wood Surfaces


Wallets, Eyewear, Firearms, Jewelry, Animal Skulls, Charcuterie Boards, Home Surfaces, etc…
You Bring The Item, We Provide the Art
Your Logos, Handwriting, or Art Cut Into Almost Any Surface
We Can Provide Some Products

Mobile Engraving and Events

We Will Travel to Engrave Surfaces and Items
We Will Provide Engraving at Your Events
Wine-Tastings, Sales Events, Receptions, Parties, Weddings, etc…
We Will Provide the Products or Engrave Items Provided by the Host or Attendee

Digital Cuts

Custom Email Addresses
Content Development and Advertising
Online Giving/Shopping

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Andrew Cannon
520-253-1021 (text or call)

Latest Product Announcements:

Refinishing Your Fence

Your home or business comes with all sorts of maintenance needs, not the least of which are your surfaces. Today, I want to focus on your fence. I spent the last year developing a method of fence renewal. I am talking about restoring its natural beauty instead of just staining it and forgetting to restore…

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